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What data can I get from 2Performant?
What data can I get from 2Performant?

Dimensions and metrics for 2Performant.

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  • Ad ID

  • Ad type

  • Affiliate ID

  • Affiliate name

  • Click URL – Source URL of the click.

  • Click time – Date when the click was created.

  • Commission ID

  • Commission action ID

  • Commission action type

  • Commission description

  • Commission status – Possible values are: pending, accepted, rejected, paid.

  • Created at – Date when the commission was created.

  • Device type – Device type deducted from client user agent. Possible values are: Desktop, Mobile.

  • Program ID

  • Program name

  • Reason – List of strings that contains possible rejection reasons.

  • Redirect URL – Destination URL of the click.

  • Transaction ID

  • Updated at – Last date then the commission was updated.


  • Conversions

  • Cost – Also known as Commission amount.

  • Initial amount – Initial commission amount before any adjustments.

  • Sales

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