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What data can I get from Awin?
What data can I get from Awin?

Awin dimensions and metrics in Funnel

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Awin connect advertisers and publishers through affiliate marketing.

Funnels integration with Awin is built for advertisers, and fetches data from two separate reports:

  • Report aggregated per publisher

  • List of transactions

Funnel also downloads additional publisher information and merges with these reports. You will automatically get all data from both reports when you connect your Awin-account in Funnel. Here's a conceptual image on what data you get from Awin:

Tip for working with Awin data in Funnel

As the Awin data in Funnel consists of a combined publisher and transaction report (in addition to product fields if the data source is configured to retrieve them), it can sometimes be difficult to make use of the data efficiently.

To make things easier, we have created a special field called Breakdown, which contains information about where the data on the current row comes from. By filtering with this field, you can distinguish between publisher data, transaction data, and product data.

We strongly recommend including this field in your data shares or when examining the data in our Data Explorer.

Attribution date settings

When you add a data source, you get to choose how you want to attribute transactions. You can choose between:

  • Transaction date. The date when the transaction occurred.

  • Validation date. The date when the transaction was validated in Awin.

Here are the available dimensions and metrics from Awin:

Report aggregated per publisher 

This report provides aggregated metrics grouped by publishers. 


  • Publisher ID

  • Publisher Name

  • Advertiser ID

  • Advertiser Name

  • Region

  • Tags


Basic metrics

  • Impressions

  • Clicks 

Amount (value)

  •  Pending Amount 

  •  Total Amount 

  •  Bonus Amount 

  •  Confirmed Amount 

  •  Declined Amount 

Commission (cost)

  •  Declined Commission 

  •  Confirmed Commission 

  •  Bonus Commission 

  •  Total Commission 

  •  Pending Commission 


  •  Pending Transactions 

  •  Declined Transactions 

  •  Confirmed Transactions 

  •  Bonus Transactions 

  •  Total Transactions 

List of transactions

This data comes from a list of individual transactions. The transactions are attributed to either their transaction date or validation date depending on your choice when connecting the source.


Advertiser details

  • Advertiser ID

  • Advertiser Country

Publisher details

  • Publisher ID

  • Publisher Name

  • Transaction URL 

  • Site Name 

  • Publisher URL 

Customer details

  •  Transaction Device 

  •  Customer Country 

  •  Click Device 

  •  IP Hash 

General transaction details

  •  Transaction Type 

  •  Commission Status 

  •  Amend Reason 

  •  Paid to Publisher 

  •  Voucher Code Used 

  •  Decline Reason 

  •  Voucher Code 

IDs and references

  •  Awin ID 

  •  Order reference 

  •  Transaction Query ID 

  •  Commission Sharing Publisher Id 

  •  Click Reference 

  •  Payment ID 


  •  Transaction Timestamp 

  •  Click Timestamp 

  •  Validation Timestamp 

Commission group*

  •  Commission Group ID 

  •  Commission Group Name 

  •  Commission Group Code

*Commission group dimensions are only available for the metrics "Transaction Part Amount" and "Transaction Part Commission". The reason for this is that the commission group data is provided separately for each part of a transaction, and not for the transaction as a whole.


  • Amended Amount

  • Transaction Amount

  • Transaction Part Amount

  • Transaction Part Commission

  • Approved Transaction Amount

  • Pending Transaction Amount

  • Declined Transaction Amount

  • Transaction Commission

  • Approved Transaction Commission

  • Pending Transaction Commission

  • Declined Transaction Commission

  • Conversion time

  • Number of transactions

  • Number of transaction parts

Optional fields:

The Awin connector currently have the following optional fields that can be chosen when connecting to the source.

Custom Parameters

  • Custom Parameters (Note: This dimension may contain Personal Information depending on how the custom parameters are set up in Awin).

The custom parameters dimension is represented as a JSON-string in its raw format and looks like this:

[{'key': '1', 'value': 'Value'}, {'key': '2', 'value': 'Value'}, {'key': '3', 'value': 'Value'}, {'key': '4', 'value': 'Value'}, ...] 

Product Fields

By checking the Product fields checkbox upon connect, the following fields will be included in the data source:

  • Product Name

  • Product ID

  • Category

  • SKU

  • Unit Price

  • Quantity

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