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What data can I get from Button?
What data can I get from Button?

Dimensions and Metrics from Button

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Funnel downloads data from Button on a Transaction basis. Many transactions also have line items under them, which represent parts of a transaction, for example items in a cart.

These line items are split into their own rows of data which do not contain the metric values that refer to the Transaction, such as Cost, Earned and Order total. They instead have the metric values for each line item.

Line items can also have Attributes, which are a kind of custom object that is customised per type of Line item. Funnel outputs the entirety of the Attributes as a string of the underlying data.

You can also select between three different Time Field when connecting a source. Time Field is similar to what other platforms call Date Attribution. Data will be downloaded and attributed according to the Time Field you selected.


  • Account ID

  • Advertising ID

  • Attribution date

  • Button tracking token (btn_ref)

  • Button ID

  • Button order ID

  • Campaign ID

  • Transaction ID

  • Category

  • Commerce organization

  • Commerce organization name

  • Country

  • Created date

  • Modified date

  • Order click channel

  • Order ID

  • Order purchased date

  • Publisher token set (pub_ref)

  • Publisher customer ID

  • Publisher organization

  • Publisher organization name

  • Status

  • Line item identifier

  • Line item attributes

  • Line item description

  • Validated date


  • Cost

  • Earned

  • Order total

  • Line item amount

  • Line item quantity

  • Line item publisher commission

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