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What data can I get from Magento 2?
What data can I get from Magento 2?

Dimensions and metrics for Magento 2.

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  • Billing Country – Order billing address country.

  • Order Split Type - Contains value if order has been split. Possible values: 'Parent' or 'Child'.

  • Line Item Name

  • Line Item Product ID

  • Line Item SKU

  • Order Created At – Localized time of Magento shop.

  • Order Created At in UTC

  • Order Customer Group ID

  • Order Customer ID

  • Order Discount Description

  • Order ID

  • Order Increment ID – Order Increment ID, the id in Magento UI sales report.

  • Order State

  • Order Status

  • Order Store ID

  • Order Store Name – The store name that the order was made on.

  • Payment Method

  • Record Type – This field is made by Funnel to differentiate between rows that is an order/item in a order.

Customer Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

If you choose to include "Customer Personally Identifiable Information (PII)" data when connecting a Magento data source, the following dimensions will be included as well:

  • Customer Email

  • Customer First Name

  • Customer Last Name


  • Items – Total amount of items sold.

  • Line Item Amount Refunded

  • Line Item Discount Amount

  • Line Item Ordered Quantity

  • Line Item Original Price

  • Line Item Price

  • Line Item Row Total

  • Line Item Row Total (Including Tax)

  • Line Item Tax Amount

  • Order Base Grand Total - Displayed in the base currency of the shop.

  • Order Discount Amount

  • Order Grand Total

  • Order Base Shipping Amount - Displayed in the base currency of the shop.

  • Order Shipping Amount

  • Order Shipping Tax Amount – Order Shipping Tax Amount.

  • Order Subtotal

  • Order Tax Amount

  • Orders – Number of orders placed.

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