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What data can I get from AppsFlyer raw data reports?
What data can I get from AppsFlyer raw data reports?

Report dimensions, metrics and data structure

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The reports we use in our API integration are structured the same way as the Raw Data Reports in the Appsflyer Export Data page. If you are looking to export the Raw Data page you can follow the link below:

If you want all available data you can connect multiple Appsflyer data sources, one of each report per app.

Read more about the raw reports and what is (and can be) supported here:

Non Organic reports

Install report

The Event Name will be install and the Count metric will show how many non-organic install events there are. Read more about this report here:


Uninstall report

Similar to the install report but for uninstalls. Read more about this report here:


In app event report

The Event Name dimension will capture all non-organic in-app events. Read more here:


Organic reports

These reports are Appsflyer premium features, read more about the reports here:

Example: Organic in app event report

Example: Organic install report


If you send a dimension as an event value in any of the AppsFlyer SDKs (that are not any of the standard dimensions listed below) you can include those when connecting a new data source in Funnel as well. To do this you have to manually type in the event names when prompted.

These dimensions are always available in Raw Data reports.

  • Ad ID

  • Ad Name

  • Ad Set

  • Ad Set ID

  • Ad Type

  • App ID

  • App Version

  • Appsflyer ID

  • Attributed Touch Date

  • Attributed Touch Time

  • Attributed Touch Type

  • Campaign

  • Campaign ID

  • Channel

  • City

  • Country Code

  • DMA

  • Device Type

  • Event Date

  • Event Time

  • Event Source

  • Install Date

  • Install Time

  • Keywords

  • Media Source

  • OS Version

  • Operator

  • Partner

  • Postal code

  • Report Type

  • SDK Version

  • Site ID

  • State

  • Sub Param 1

  • Sub Param 2

  • Sub Param 3

  • Sub Param 4

  • Sub Param 5

  • Wifi

  • HTTP Referrer


These metrics are always available in all Raw Data reports.

  • Cost

  • Count 

  • Event Revenue

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