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Connecting Awin. What do I do?

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General Information

To connect to the Awin connector in Funnel an Oauth 2 access token is required. This token is not linked to a certain publisher or advertiser account, but to your own personal user account. If you have access to 10 different Awin publisher accounts via the website, then your personal API token grants you access to data from all of those 10 accounts. Please note: if you add or remove your user account to or from a publisher or advertiser account, it may take up to 10 minutes until this change in access rights takes effect in the API.

Creating a token

To obtain your token visit or click on the "API credentials" link in your user menu.

On the following page you have to enter the password you use to login to the Awin website:

Once you click on "Show my API token", your personal token will be created and displayed, and can easily be copied to the clipboard. You are then able to paste the token into the Authentication token field in Funnel.

This is all that is required to create your token to connect to Awin in Funnel. Remember to keep your token safe!

Additional information regarding the token

Revoking your token

In case someone unauthorized gets access to your token, you can also revoke it on the same page. This also requires your password, and an additional popup will ask if you are really sure about it.

After confirming it by clicking on the "OK" button, your token will be revoked.

Please note: If this is done all your sources in Funnel that are connected with this API-token will stop working immediately and need to be reconnected with a new token to be able to download data again.

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