What data can i get from RTB House?

The dimensions and metrics available from RTB House

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  • Advertiser ID

  • Sub Campaign

  • Sub Campaign ID

  • Date

  • Currency


  • Clicks

  • Impressions

  • Campaign Cost

  • Attr PC Conversion Value

  • PC Conversion Value

  • PV Conversion Value

  • Attr PC Conversion Count

  • PC Conversion Count

  • PV Conversion Count

Optional breakdowns

The following breakdown are available to be selected at connect. Not all are compatible with each other. Here is a chart over their compatibility

Device type

  • Device type


  • Creative ID

  • Creative name

  • Creative type

  • Creative created at

  • Creative width

  • Creative height

  • Creative offers number


  • Category ID

  • Category name


  • Country

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