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What data can I get from Naver?
What data can I get from Naver?

Dimensions and metrics for Naver.

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  • Ad Group ID

  • Ad Group Name

  • Ad ID

  • Ad Keyword ID

  • Ad Keyword Name

  • Ad Type

  • Business Channel ID

  • Campaign ID

  • Campaign Name

  • Campaign Type

  • Conversion Method

  • Conversion Type

  • Customer ID

  • Device

  • Media Code


  • Average ad rank

  • Clicks

  • Conversion Sales

  • Conversions

  • Cost – Cost without VAT. To include VAT, create custom metric with cost * 1.1.

  • Impressions

  • Sum ad rank – Sum of AD rank, Average AD rank = Sum of AD rank / Impression.

  • View count – Number of times that a video was viewed.

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