There are four report types available for Outbrain.

  • Campaign statistics

  • Campaign statistics by Publisher

  • Campaign statistics by Content

  • Campaign statistics by Geo

Always included


  • Date

  • Currency

  • Campaign ID

  • Campaign Name

  • Conversion Name

  • Marketer ID

(Note: campaigns with creative type: carousel will only be available in the "Campaign statistics" report)


  • Clicks

  • Impressions

  • Conversions

  • View Conversions

  • Video Reached First Quarter

  • Video Reached Second Quarter

  • Video Reached Third Quarter

  • Video Reached Completion

  • Video Average View Duration

  • Clicks on Video

  • Video Active Completions

  • Video Active Completions Percentage

  • Video Plays

  • Spend

"Campaign statistics by Publisher" additional dimensions

  • Publisher ID

  • Publisher Name

  • Publisher URL

"Campaign statistics by Content" additional dimensions

  • Promoted Link Id

  • Promoted Link URL

  • Promoted Link Text

  • Promoted Link Status

  • Promoted Link Cached Image URL

  • Section Name

    "Campaign statistics by Geo" additional dimensions

  • Country Name

  • Country Code

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