AdRoll sources can be connected using the campaign report or the ad group report.

Dimensions – all reports

Campaign ID

Campaign Name

Campaign Channel

Campaign Type

Targeting Type

Dimensions – ad group report only

Ad Group ID

Ad group name

Ad Type

Metrics – all reports

Adjusted CPA

Adjusted CTC Rate

Adjusted Click CPA

Adjusted Click-Through Conversions

Adjusted Total Conv. Rate

Adjusted Total Conversions

Adjusted VTC Rate

Adjusted View-Through Conversions

Attributed Click-Through Revenue

Attributed Revenue

Attributed View-Through Revenue


CTC Rate

Click CPA

Click-Through Conversions





Total Conv. Rate

VTC Rate

Video completion rate

Video impressions

Video viewed 25%

Video viewed 50%

Video viewed 75%

Video viewed 100%

Video views

View-Through Conversions

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