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How do I connect Tableau to Funnel?
How do I connect Tableau to Funnel?

With our Tableau connector you can quickly connect Tableau directly to Funnel.

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The Tableau Connector enables you to access your Funnel data directly in Tableau. 

Create a Data Share

Before you connect Tableau you need to create a Data Share in Funnel. A Data Share is a set of fields, a currency, and an optional filter, and defines the data that will be available in Tableau.
Create Data Shares in Funnel by following the 'Tableau' link in Funnel and clicking the 'Create Data Share' button. Select the fields you want and a currency and save the Data Share.

Configure the Funnel Connector in Tableau Desktop

To configure the Funnel Connector in Tableau, go to "Start page -> Connect -> To a Server" and select Web Data Connector.
The example below is using Tableau Desktop version 10.5.

Copy the web data connector URL from the Tableau page in Funnel and paste into Tableau.
Tip: Use the 'copy to clipboard' button found on the right of the URL.

Copy your Token from the Tableau page in Funnel and paste into the Token field in the Tableau connector and choose 'Authenticate'.

After successful authentication you can select the Data Share and how many months of data you want to use in Tableau.

After clicking "Connect" the connector form will be closed and Tableau will create an empty table based on the Data Share you created in Funnel.

Click "Update now" to fill the table with data from your Funnel Workspace.

Congrats! You're now ready to start building beautiful dashboards in Tableau with your Funnel data! More information regarding Tableau Web Data Connectors can be found on the Tableau support site.

Refresh extract

The extract that the connector creates can be refreshed in Tableau Desktop. To be able to refresh it on Tableau Server after publishing a data source or workbook, you need to add the web data connector URL to the safe list on Tableau Server. More information can be found on the Tableau support site.

Supported Tableau products

The Tableau connector is tested with Tableau Desktop version 10 and newer. Other versions and products may work but at your own risk.


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