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How do I connect Power BI to Funnel?
How do I connect Power BI to Funnel?

Learn how your can use our Power BI Connector to get your Funnel data to Power BI Desktop

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Our Power BI Connector makes it easy for you to access all your Funnel data directly from Power BI Desktop. You need the May 2022 version of Power BI Desktop for this to work. You can download the latest version here.

Setup in Funnel

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft Power BI page

  2. Create a new Power BI Data Share that contains the fields you want to have in Power BI

Please Note: The Power BI connector does not support formula calculated fields.

Connect from Power BI Desktop

  1. Open Power BI Desktop

  2. Click Get data

  3. Search for Funnel

  4. Click Connect

  5. Log in with your Funnel user

  6. In the Navigator dialog box, choose one or more Data Shares from your Workspaces to import your data

  7. (Optional) Enter the number rolling months of historical data to import (defaults to 12)

  8. Select Load or Transform data

  9. The Data Share will now show up as a table in Power BI Desktop

  10. You now have your marketing data in Power BI!


Why am I getting 12 times more data than expected?

This happens when importing data from Funnel that has been imported to Funnel without attributing the data to a date. Because the connector imports data in one month batches and new connections default to 12 month rolling date interval, the dateless data is fetched 12 times.

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