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Connecting your Google Sheets to Power BI Desktop
Connecting your Google Sheets to Power BI Desktop

Connect Google Sheets to Power BI Desktop using Google Sheets Connector

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Great news, with the November 2021 update to Power BI Desktop you can connect your data from google sheet directly to Power BI. (Note: Be sure to update your Power BI desktop application to the latest version before connecting your data.)

1. Connect your data from Google Sheets

Start by exporting your data from Funnel to a Google Sheet, either as one-time export or as scheduled export.

Then, from the Power BI desktop, using the Get data experience select Google Sheets as the data connector. You will be prompted to enter a Google Sheet URL.

Paste the Google Sheet URL that you have access to in the input dialogue box and press OK.

Authentication is completed using Google OAuth. Follow the authentication steps to access your Google account and provide access to Power BI Desktop to your sheets.

2. Select the Sheet(s) and transform your data

Once you have successfully authenticated your Google account and selected the sheet(s) which you want to connect, you need to transform your data to apply column labels before they can be used for reporting.

After selecting the sheet(s) press Transform data, which will open a Query Editor window. Under the Transform section, select the option Use First Row as Headers. Close & Apply changes in the Home menu to save the changes.

Your data is now ready to be used for reporting.

Congratulations! You have now imported your Google Sheet to Power BI Desktop.

Quick tip! If you want to continuously feed updated data from Funnel via Google Sheets into Power BI, check out Funnel's scheduled export feature for Google Sheets. If you are not utilizing this feature at the moment and would like to get more details, feel free to reach out to our support team via our help chat or speak to your Funnel customer success partner.

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