In this article we look at the following issues:

  • Expired authentication
  • Missing permission to read the spreadsheet
  • A file is not a valid Google Sheets Spreadsheet
  • Admin policy enforced

Expired authentication

When you set up an import, you let Funnel access your spreadsheets on your behalf. If this access has been manually revoked or it simply has expired, you'll see this message:

Funnel no longer has permission to access Google Sheets on behalf of your Google Account.


Reconnect the Google Account to renew the access so Funnel can import the data on your behalf.

Go to the source in the data sources list, press actions and then "Reconnect...":

Missing permission to read the spreadsheet

If the Google account used to import the spreadsheet lacks permission to read the file, a message like this will appear:

The connected Google account does not have permission to read the spreadsheet

If you're not the owner of the file, your access may have been revoked.


Make sure you still have access to the file with the same Google Account used in Funnel.

The file is not a valid Google Sheets Spreadsheet

If the file in Google Drive is not an actual Google Sheets document, you will get an error message like this:

The file is not a valid Google Sheets Spreadsheet

Funnels sheets import only supports actual Google Sheets spreadsheets, not other types of file formats such as .xlsx or .csv. When viewing an .xlsx-file in Google Drive, it looks very much like an actual sheet. You can tell the difference by the small label next to the filename:


Convert the file to the native Google Sheets format and import the new file. 

To convert the file, open it in sheets and select File -> Save as Google Sheets 

Admin policy enforced

If you run in to the error admin_policy_enforced you will see something like this when trying to add a new Google user:

  • An organization in Google can restrict which third-party apps their users may use
  • The Google administrators can whitelist specific apps so they can be used within the organization


Contact your organization's Google administrators or IT support in order to whitelist Funnel's sheet import.

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