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Shopify – Troubleshooting
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How long does it take to download my data?

When you connect a Shopify Sales Transaction data source, transactions from the two most recent days will be downloaded first. This is to ensure that you have some data to work with while Funnel works on getting your entire history downloaded.

After loading your two most recent days, your Shopify data will be downloaded in chronological order, starting from the date when the shop’s first order was created. How long this takes completely depends on the number of orders your Shopify store has, scaling from around one hour to several days.

Why is my data source’s “Stored data” interval is complete even though I’m missing data?

Due to limitations in the Shopify API, we are currently not able to use the Stored data interval as an indicator for what data has been successfully downloaded.

In other words, the stored data will only display the first date that contains data, as well as the most recently downloaded date (usually the current day). Please note that we are aware that this can be misleading and are looking for a solution for the status to be more accurate.

Why can’t I select other report types when connecting a Shopify data source?

The Sales Transaction report replaces the previous report types offered by Funnel:

  • Order report

  • Product report

  • Customer report

Temporary delays in data imports

The most common reason for delays when downloading Shopify data is when you have connected more than one Shopify source with the same API credentials/app in Funnel. Only one data source at a time can download data per Shopify app. If you have connected more than one data source to the same Shopify app, the data sources will compete with each other and cause delays. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you create a new app in your shop for each data source in Funnel.

At what frequency will my Shopify data update?

Funnel will download Shopify data at the following frequencies:

  • Data younger than 2 days will be refreshed every 4 hours.

  • Data younger than 3 days will be refreshed every 24 hours.

Understanding Referrer Source dimensions

Our connector has a couple of different Referrer source dimensions, they all come in two versions, e.g. First Visit Source and Last Visit Source.

One thing that may not be obvious about them is that if an order was made on the first visit, it will have no value on the last visit source. It will only be attributed to the first visit source.

You can make your own custom dimension to solve this problem, here is a quick example of how that may look:

How do I group my sales data by First-time/Returning customers?

The easiest way to group your data by First-time and Returning customers is to use the Customer Sale Type dimension.

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