Common issues when looking at Shopify data

Understanding Referrer Source

Our connector has a couple of different Referrer source dimensions, they all come in two versions, e.g. First Visit Source and Last Visit Source.

One thing that may not be obvious about them is that if an order was made on the first visit, it will have no value on the last visit source. It will only be attributed to the first visit source.

You can make your own custom dimension to solve this problem, here is a quick example of how that may look:

Joining Order and Product reports

You can setup both an Order report and a Product report for the same Shopify account if you want to be able to see all metrics. One order is one line in the Order report and each item in that report exists as a row in the Product report. These two reports can be mapped together by the Order ID that exists in both.

How far back in time can I get data from Shopify?

By default the Shopify connector will download data as far back as two years. If your shop was created before then and you would like to extend download of historical data further back, you can contact and request a specific date.

My data source is delayed or not updated as frequently as expected

Temporary delays in data imports

The most common reason for delays when downloading Shopify data is when you have connected more than one Shopify source with the same API credentials/app in Funnel. Only one data source at a time can download data per Shopify app. If you have connected more than one data source to the same Shopify app, the data sources will compete with each other and cause delays. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you create a new app in your shop for each data source in Funnel.

The initial download of historical data, by default two years back, might take a few days for very large shops. Having connected more than one data source to an app will delay the downloads even more. However, instead of creating a new app for each data source, there is also the option to pause downloads manually for one or two sources, while the third is finishing download of historical data. To pause a download, navigate to the "Data sources" page and select a source, and then choose the "Disable import" option in the "Actions" menu.

Update frequency

For the Shopify "Order" and "Product" report, Funnel will download data at the following frequencies:

  • Data younger than 2 days will be refreshed every 4 hours.

  • Data younger than 3 days will be refreshed every 24 hours.

The "Customer" report downloads all of your shop's customer data in each download.

These update frequencies can be modified per data source. But for larger shops that might not be possible due to the limitations of the Shopify API. Reach out to if you would like to change the update frequency for your data sources and we will investigate the possibilities for your shop.

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