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Campaign Manager 360 (DoubleClick Campaign Manager) - Troubleshooting
Campaign Manager 360 (DoubleClick Campaign Manager) - Troubleshooting
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Connect issues

This section contains common causes for issues with connecting a Campaign Manager source in Funnel

User permissions

Funnel requires that the connected user profile has access to build and view reporting data in Campaign Manager. See this link for more information.

Custom reports

Custom reports can be connected by either specifying a query ID in the connect dialogue or by not entering one, and then selecting from a list of all available queries that the connected user profile has access to.
Issues when connecting can occur if the connected user profile has access to a large number of queries. The solution to this would be to find the ID of the specific query you want data for and enter that Id when connecting a source.

If you can't find the report you are after it may be because the pasted report ID is incorrect or the user that is trying to connect the report does not have sufficient permissions to do so.

Data discrepancies

This section contains common causes for why data in Funnel might differ from reports generated by the Campaign Manager User Interface

Custom reports

A custom report is a query created by the user in Campaign Manager and then connected to Funnel by its query ID.
Funnel will download historical data when the source is connected but will not do this again if not manually triggered. This means that if the Campaign Manager query changes, e.g. a new field is added by a user, then the new field will not have values in the historical data that was previously downloaded on connect.
Solutions to this is to either create a new source and connect it to the updated query or to request a full refresh of historical data from Funnel support. 


Our connector requires your Campaign Manager 360 profile to be set to English. You can either update your Campaign Manager 360 user profile language or you can create a new user with English as language.

To change language you can go to Campaign manager > Admin > User profiles > Language > English. If you're unable to change the language then you'll need to ask an admin to do it for you.

If you don't want to change the language, you could instead create a new user profile where English is the language. Make sure the new user have the same permissions and abilities as the other user.

You can read more about managing your user profiles in Google's Help Center:

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