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General info

Funnel fetches data from X Ads API. This is not the same data that is found on X Analytics. To see the data Funnel fetches from X Ads log on to ads.twitter.com.

For more detailed troubleshooting steps, please see the sections below:

Access issues on X data sources

X differentiates between X user accounts (or handles) which are used to log in to X, and X ad accounts which are used to manage ad campaigns by allowing multi-user access with permissions. In Funnel, credentials represent X user accounts and data sources represent X ad accounts.

If a data source is getting a No access error, a first step is to confirm the following:

The data source is a fully set up X ad account

The X ad account that is intended as a data source must be fully set up on ads.twitter.com. An X analytics account accessed via analytics.twitter.com is not a fully set up X ad account.

X ad account setup is complete when steps 1 - 6 in the Create your X Ads account section in the Ads account creation X help article have been completed, including entering billing information.

Credentials have correct access permissions for data sources

In order to download data for all X core connector report types in Funnel, the X user account providing the credentials must be added as a user with either Ad manager or Account administrator permissions on the X ad account intended to be used as a data source.

Permissions can only be granted, viewed and edited by X user accounts with Account administrator permissions on a X ad account, by following the steps outlined under the Setting up multi-user login section on X's Multi-user login FAQs page.

X data not consistent in Funnel

Metric sums are not consistent across dimension levels

A common misunderstanding is that metric sums are unaffected by which dimension level (Campaign, Ad Group or Promoted Post) is selected at connect. Below is a short summary of both types of level and how they differ:

Campaign and Ad Group level

On Campaign and Ad Group level, data from all Ads categories are included (Posts, Display creatives, In-stream videos and Other). Therefore, metric sums on Campaign and Ad Group level will be consistent with each other.

Promoted Post level

Promoted Post level only represents the Posts under the Ads category in the X Ads Manager. Therefore, selecting this dimension level may lead to metric sums lower than those on Campaign level.

Segmented data not consistent with non-segmented data    

Segmented data will not be 100% consistent with non-segmented data. This is expected behaviour according to X due to how they derive the information.

Campaign IDs not matching between X and Funnel

The X UI shows the campaign ids in base-10. In Funnel these are displayed as base-36. This is consistent with the response we get from X's API, as shown in their documentation here. For joins between base-10 and base-36 columns in Excel/Sheets/Calc, you can use the BASE formula, to convert base-10 into base-36.

Missing Post Names

If no input was given for the Post Name when creating a post the X UI uses the creative (card name) instead and hence the Ad name that you see on UI is not necessarily the same as a Post name.

A post may be missing a set Post name due to the following reasons:

  • The post was created before December 2021.

  • The post was originally created without a Post name,

  • The post is a re-post of a X.

  • The original Post/Card belongs to another Ads Account.

Display of Video Metrics

The Video Total Views column in Funnel behaves just like the Result column in the X Ads UI. The content of the column is based on the objective of the post.

This means that:

  • For the objective VIDEO_VIEWS_PREROLL, the column Video Total Views shows what X refers to as In-stream video ad views.

  • For the objective VIDEO_VIEWS, the column Video Total Views shows what X refers to as Video views.

In addition, unlike Funnel, X's UI breaks down other video metrics depending on the objective of the post.

For example:

  • For the objective VIDEO_VIEWS_PREROLL, the column Video 3s 100pct views shows what X refers to as 3s/100% in-stream video ad views.

  • For the objective VIDEO_VIEWS, the column Video 3s 100pct views shows what X refers to as 3s/100% video views.

The same applies to Video played 25pct, Video played 50pct, and Video played 75pct; which are populated with the contents of either In-stream video ad played or Video played in X.

If desired, it is possible to create custom metrics in Funnel that performs the same breakdown based on objective as X.

Data absent in Funnel

Absent data in Media Creative reports

A "Media Creative" is not to be confused with creatives such as images, gifs, videos etc. The "Media Creative" report only contains data for Ad Groups across the X Audience Platform.

The X Audience Platform (TAP) is a network where advertisers can expand the reach of their campaigns beyond X through devices served by MoPub. Read more about the The X Audience Platform (TAP) here.

If you don't see any data in Funnel, the cause is most likely that you don't have any Ad Groups across the X Audience Platform, and therefore no "Media Creatives" to fetch data for. Try to connect a "Promoted Post" report instead.

Absent custom conversion fields

The X Ads API only supports retrieval of custom conversion fields for Web-attributed conversion events, not Mobile/App.

The Media Creative report level cannot display web custom conversions.

The Campaign, Ad Group and Promoted Post report levels can only display web custom conversion attributed metrics if the conversion event type is of the following:

  • Custom

  • Download

  • Purchase

  • Sign Up

  • Site Visit

Absent Mobile Conversions data

Mobile conversion stats are available only to advertiser accounts enabled for MACT.
Read more about MACT here.

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