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Our connector currently supports Magento version 2.

Note: Since 2021 Magento Enterprise has been rebranded to Adobe Commerce. In Funnel, the connector is still referred to as Magento.

Configure firewall

Make sure that your firewall, if you have one configured, allows requests from Funnel. Requests will be sent from IP addresses,, or

If you are using Cloudflare or similar services, make sure to allowlist the IP addresses mentioned above.

For more Cloudflare specific instructions, please refer to their documentation.

Make sure the token URL is accessible

Funnel expects admin token retrieval to be available at this URL:


Where "host" is what you enter as Shop Host when connecting the data source.

If the admin token endpoint is unavailable/not found (404), you will be met with the following "Access denied" error message when connecting your data source:

If your shop is configured differently Funnel will not be able to download your data.
For more information on Magento tokens please see their official documentation.

Connecting via username/password

Enable permissions to Magento e-commerce site

In order to connect to a Magento e-commerce site, the admin user connecting the source needs to have access to certain resources. In Magento, go to SYSTEM -> Role Resources and enable the following resources:

  • Sales: Operations: Orders: Actions: View

  • Stores: Settings: All Stores

Connecting via integration (required if using 2FA)

  1. In the Magento admin panel, navigate to System>Integrations and click the 'Add New Integration' button at the top right of your screen

  2. Give your integration a name, e.g. "Funnel Integration" and enter your user's password. Ignore the remaining fields.

  3. Under the 'Basic Settings' box to the left, click 'API' and give the integration access to the following resources: Sales>Operations>Orders>Actions>View, as well as Stores>Settings>All Stores.

  4. Click 'Save' and then 'Done'. The Integration Tokens that are displayed will be copied once we are ready to set up your connection in Funnel, but no action is needed for now.

  5. Activate the integration by clicking the 'Activate' button and press 'Allow' on the following confirmation step.

  6. Navigate back to Funnel and add a new Magento2 Data source. Select "Connect via Integration" in the dropdown and then paste your Magento integration API keys in the corresponding fields.

    Magento connect flow step
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