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When data doesn't seem to match

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Order data seems to mismatch due to timezone complexity

Funnel stores all order dates in the local timezone where the order was created. When comparing Funnel data to Magento UI there can be mismatches in what orders you will see. This is due to Magento UI displaying all orders in the same timezone and Funnel displaying orders in the timezone they were created. This can be especially noticeable if you have multiple shops in different timezones.

For more detailed information on when an order was placed there are two additional fields available:

  • Order Created At
    The date and time when the order was placed expressed in the local timezone of the Magento shop.

  • Order Created At in UTC
    The date and time when the order was placed expressed in the UTC timezone.


If you in Magento UI are looking at orders in January and want to compare it to orders in Funnel in the same time period, you might notice a difference in the number of orders between the platforms. This is due to that some orders took place in their local time, either on December 31st or February 1st. Therefore changing the date intervals in Funnel would be a way to display the missing orders but having the same exact values between Magento UI and Funnel might not be possible.

How far back in time can I get data from Magento?

By default the Magento connector will download data as far back as two years. If your shop was created before then and you would like to extend download of historical data further back, you can contact and request a specific date.

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