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Amazon Seller Central - Troubleshooting
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Comparing order data between Amazon Seller Central and Funnel

There are a few places in Amazon Seller Central UI where order data is available but the most commonly used resources are:

  • Manage Orders

    Can be found under Orders -> Manage Orders.

    Here the user can toggle between MFN and FBA orders, broken down by order status. This UI is good for looking up one or a few orders, but does not give a complete list of orders in a single view.

  • All Orders report

    Reports -> Fulfilment by Amazon -> All Orders

    This is a report that can be requested and downloaded that shows all orders (both MFN and FBA) and their order items for the date range you have requested. This report very closely resembles the "Order Item Details" report available in Funnel.

Regardless of how you compare order data between Amazon Seller Central and Funnel it is important to understand how timezones affect the comparison, which is described below.


All dates and times for the Amazon Seller Central connector in Funnel are specified in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and not in the local timezone where the order was placed. This applies to the following dimensions:

  • Date - The date in UTC for when the order was placed

  • Purchase date - The date and time in UTC for when the order was placed

  • Last updated - The date and time in UTC of the most recent order update

In the Amazon Seller Central UI these order dates and timestamps are displayed in the seller's local timezone and comparing data on an aggregated level between Seller Central and Funnel can therefore be challenging since some orders might be attributed to different dates due to timezones.


If you in the Amazon Seller Central UI are looking at orders in January and want to compare it to orders in Funnel in the same time period, you might notice a difference in the number of orders between the platforms. This is due to that some orders took place in UTC, either on December 31st or February 1st. Therefore changing the date interval to include a longer period in Funnel will display the missing orders, but having the same exact values between Seller Central and Funnel might not be possible.

Why is my "Returns" report in Funnel missing data?

The "Returns" report does not include data from the "FBA customer returns" report. If your data source is missing data, check your Amazon account to make sure you have data in the "Returns" report under "Orders->Manage Returns".

How far back in time can I get data from Amazon Seller Central?

By default the Amazon Seller Central connector will download data as far back as two years. If your shop was created before then and you would like to extend download of historical data further back, you can contact and request a specific date.

Brand Analytics access is missing for the "Sales and Traffic" report

To access your Sales and Traffic report data your credentials need to be updated if they were created before 2022-09-09. To do this you need to reconnect the data source using the 'New Credentials' option. This will grant Funnel approval to download your brand analytics data that is required for the Sales and Traffic report.

The Sales and Traffic report is not available for all marketplaces

The Sales and Traffic report is not available for all marketplaces due to limitations set by Amazon. When you receive this error in the image above it is because of this limitation. Unfortunately in this case Funnel will not be able to download your Sales and Traffic data. Please contact Amazon for more information.

I can't see all marketplaces when connecting a new data source

As a first step, we recommend that you try logging into your Funnel account in incognito mode or via a new browser. Once done, you can connect a new data source using the “New credentials” button again. This should ensure that Amazon prompts you to select what marketplace you want to connect to again.

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