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How to connect Amazon Seller Central
How to connect Amazon Seller Central

Guide to connect Amazon Seller Central in Funnel

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The Amazon Seller Central connector can download data from all your marketplaces in Amazon Seller Central. During the connect you will choose which marketplaces to connect sources for. In Funnel, each marketplace and report type will become a connected source.

Make sure your user has permissions to connect

In order to connect an Amazon Seller Central data source your Amazon user must be either a primary account user or a secondary user with admin permissions.

User permissions can be configured in Seller Central by navigating to
Settings -> User Permissions and click "Manage Permission" for the user you want to grant admin permissions to.

If the user you use to connect your Amazon Seller Central data source with lacks the proper permissions, you will be met with the following error message:

Steps to connect:

  1. When connecting you will be prompted to sign in to your Amazon Seller Central account:

  2. If you have Two-Step Verification enabled on your account, you will be prompted for that as well:

  3. Then select the account in the marketplace where you have your main store:

  4. Authorize Funnel to access your Seller Central data, tick the checkbox at the bottom and click "Confirm":

  5. Now you select which of your marketplaces you would like to connect sources for in Funnel. Each ticked marketplace will become a source.

  6. Select report type for your sources and click Next. By default all marketplaces you selected in the previous step will be connected with the same report type, but you can choose to specify report type for each individual source as well by flipping the "Configure source individually" toggle at the top:

  7. All done! :)

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