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How to connect to Apple Search Ads
How to connect to Apple Search Ads

Common questions on connecting

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After February 1st 2022 Apple will no longer support authentication using certificates. If a source is using certificates it will be noted in its definition label. You will need to reconnect these sources to continue downloading data.

Note that it might take up to 24 hours for your definition label to update.

To connect to Apple Search Ads you need to get some IDs from the Apple Search Ads UI.

Getting the different IDs

  1. From the Search Ads UI, choose Account Settings > API. You will need to have the role API Account Read Only (API Account Manager will also work), however being Account Admin will not be enough. Since the user will have to have to remain in this role you may want to invite/create a new user for this purpose.

  2. Copy our public key below (do not create your own). The BEGIN and END lines must be included with all the dashes.

    Public key:

    -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
    -----END PUBLIC KEY-----

  3. Paste our Public Key that you copied in the previous step into the Public Key field in the Apple Search Ads GUI like in the picture below.

  4. Click Save. A group of credentials displays as a code block above the public key field.

Funnel will update the Public Key every 12 months. One key will live for two cycles — meaning one key will be valid for 24 months. After this you will need to refresh your credentials by reconnecting using the new key.

Using the IDs to connect to Funnel

Enter the clientId, teamId, and keyId into their respective boxes in the connect window.

Time zone

At connect it's possible to select time zone the data will be fetched in. It could either be the Org time zone (default time zone) that is set by the user during account creation through the Apple Search Ads UI, or UTC.

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