The Apple search ads connector supports three report choices:

  • Ad group

  • Keyword

  • Search term


All reports contains the same metrics:

  • Clicks

  • Conversions

  • Impressions

  • Local Spend

  • Taps

  • New downloads

  • Redownloads

  • Lat off installs

  • Lat on installs


The common dimensions that are included in all reports are:

  • Ad Group ID

  • Ad Group Name

  • Campaign ID

  • Campaign Name

  • Bid Amount*

  • Time zone

  • Country or region (optional)

The dimensions that are only included in the Keyword and Search term report are:

  • Keyword ID

  • Keyword Name

  • Match Type

The dimensions that are only included in the Search term report are:

  • Search term

  • Search term source


  1. Bid amount it will be the current bid amount for the ad group / keyword (depending on connected level) at the time of the download.  Bid amount is metadata about your keyword or ad group and tells you how much you bid for the specific keyword or ad group but not what was paid. The use case we have seen is to view it together with keyword or ad group and metrics. At this time we download 40 days of data every day so the last month will have the current Bid amount.

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