Yahoo Ad Tech DSP – Troubleshooting
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I'm having trouble with user quota

Yahoo Ad Tech has a limit for

  • The amount of requests we can make per user and day

  • Allowed number of rows user can get per day

  • Allowed number of rows user can get per report

We do what we can to stay under that limit, for example: keep a low download frequency, and smaller download windows.

When we do run into the limit we raise an error and schedule a retry. Whether we hit that limit or not depends on the amount of data we download on that day.

What you can do

  • Select fewer dimensions (this will lead to fewer rows in the reports)

  • Reach out to the platform and ask for higher quota

  • If you've recently connected several sources with the same user – the number of quota errors will go down as soon as the initial backfills are done

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