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Adform - Troubleshooting
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Do not share Adform credentials

Please do not share your login credentials to Adform between different Funnel users. Adform only allows one Funnel user account per Adform login. If you share the credentials to Adform you will end up with Token Errors.

It is ok to create multiple Adform sources using the same credentials within the same Funnel user account.

Adform Quota

Your Adform account typically has a quota limit of 500 requests per day.

For each connected source we will consume a number of requests from the limit every time we fetch data:

  • 2 requests for the Event report.

  • 5 requests for the Line Item report.

  • 5 requests for the Banner report.

  • For each source with tracking filters enabled the number of requests will increase by 1 for each tracking filter in your Adform account.

Our standard configuration fetches data 4 times a day:

  • Data for the last 7 days will be refreshed 3 times a day.

  • Data for the last 30 days will be refreshed 1 time a day.

This means that a standard Banner or Line Item report will consume 20 requests per day. And a standard Event report will consume 8 requests per day.

When connecting a source historical data will be backfilled twelve months back.

We fetch 31 days at a time which is 12 times for a year. That means:

  • Line item and Banner reports consumes at least* 70 (= 12x5 + 2x5)** each.

  • Event reports consumes at least* 28 (= 12x2 + 2x2)** each.

* See tracking filter above.

**The first part of the calculation is historical data and the second part is the last 2 requests for the 7 most recent days.

There is an option when connecting you Adform account to toggle "Download all clients into the same source". This will download all clients/advertisers that the Adform user has access to and save a lot of quota compared to connecting one client per source.

If you have a lot of tracking filters it may be advisable to set the source to "Use lower download frequency". See below.

Use lower download frequency

If you run into quota issues, the first step you should try is to reduce the number of downloads. There is an option in the connect dialog for Adform which is called "Use lower download frequency?", please select it to reduce the frequency to once a day. Please note that this will make the data less up-to-date.
The connect dialog can be reached if you click "Edit configuration" on your source in the Data sources view.

All advertisers in one source

If you connect a lot of Adform advertisers under one single Adform user, you run the risk of depleting your quota. To reduce that risk, you have the option to connect all advertisers as one Funnel source (Since this lets us make fewer requests towards the Adform API).
To achieve this, simply select the source with (All advertisers) in its name, after you've entered your credentials on connect.

Tracking filter (custom) conversions

Connecting a tracking filter source
This is handled by OAuth, no specific action is needed.

Viewing your tracking filter conversions
You can view Tracking Filter Conversions in two ways.

  • Collected under a single non-aggregatable metric named "Tracking Filter Conversions" with a Filter ID and Filter Name breakdown.

  • Individual conversions as pivoted metrics under the filter's name.

Missing advertisers

If you are missing an advertiser from a profile in your Adform account, it might be because it is only possible to get advertisers from your default profile using the API.

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