Remote platform quota issues

Have you received an error indicating that you're having quota issues for a given source in Funnel?

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Many data providers ("sources" in Funnel) restrict how legitimate consumers of their API are allowed to interact with them programmatically. This can take many forms and differs between providers. In most cases it comes down to a limitation on account level for a given user on how many reports, rows or fields that can be accessed or requested within a certain period of time - or even how many requests at all that a consumer is allowed to make.

Funnel will as far as possible try to avoid exposing these limitations to our users while playing well within the limitations set down by each platform. There are different tactics that can be used to achieve this including, for example, scheduling of jobs and using some kind of intelligent back-off with retries. In some cases, though, your Funnel sources may need a higher quota than the provider will currently allow us to retrieve on your behalf.

When this occurs Funnel will continue to retrieve data as often as we can, but the frequency of updates may be reduced and in extreme cases we may not be able to retrieve the data for all affected sources every day.

What can I do to solve the Quota issue?

The quickest way to solve the quota issue is to reduce the amount of data that Funnel is trying to retrieve on your behalf. Either by removing some sources completely, or changing their configuration to reduce the granularity for that source e.g. reducing the number of breakdowns, dimensions etc.
The other possible solution is to get in touch with your account manager at the platform and negotiate a higher quota for your accounts.

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