1. Create Google Sheet

  2. Connect Google Sheet

  3. Create Dimensions

The example below is for the Fiscal Year 2020 starting from 2019-07-01 to 2020-06-30.

1. Create a Google Sheet

Start by creating your Google Sheet, the Google Sheet in the link can be copied as a template.

2. Connect Google Sheet

Connect the Google Sheet you just created with Funnel. Take a look at the article on How to import Google Sheets data if you are not already familiar with how to connect a Google Sheet in Funnel.

Make sure that the fields have the correct type and that the sheet is not attributed to a date (no daily date)

3. Create Dimensions

Go to the dimensions page in Funnel and create a new dimension for the Fiscal Year and Fiscal Period.

Take a look at this article How to use lookup tables when creating custom fields if you are not already familiar with lookups in Funnel.

See the example below on how the rule should look like.

After you've created your dimensions Fiscal Year and Fiscal Period can the result be verified in the data explorer.

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