Schedule a google sheet function to run on a time interval

For the budget date which spans more than a year our recommendation is to schedule the function instead of calling it directly from the Google Sheet, so it runs in the background.

Follow below to schedule a function:

  1. Go into your copy of the Google Sheet -> Tools - >Script editor to open AppScript editor

  2. Click on "Triggers" in the left Menu

  3. Click on "Add Trigger" to add a new one

  4. Select the function "schedulerSplitDateRangeToDaily" if your budget has a time period or 'schedulerSplitMonthlyToDaily' if your budget is based on a monthly level and choose how frequently the function should be updated.

The function "schedulerSplitDateRangeToDaily" is set up to work for Case D which required that you provide both the start and end dates for this to work. Depending on the function you have chosen for scheduling you have to edit only this section of the code and provide values for:

  • Source sheet name: where the budget data is stored

  • Destination sheet name: where you want to store your result for daily levels

  • Start/End date: for working with monthly you just need the first day of the month

  • Target columns: name of the columns which you want to split into daily levels

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