Inactive ad accounts

If your ad account is newly created it might need activation by Spotify before Funnel can start to retrieve the data. To get your ad account activated you need to contact your sales representative at Spotify.

When your ad account is inactive for any reason, your data source will have the following status in the data source details overview:

Mismatch in Spend

The spend amount visible in Spotify Ads UI can sometimes differ from what you see in Funnel.

Here is a clarification from Spotify:

When viewing Spotify campaign reporting through Funnel, the "Spend" metric indicates the total value of the delivered impressions within the campaign, not the total amount billed. While "Spend" and “Amount Billed” are typically the same number, they can sometimes vary if the campaign overdelivers because advertisers are not charged for any additional impressions that have been delivered beyond the initial budget.

For further information on this, you can reach out to Spotify.

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