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Looker Studio troubleshooting steps

Steps to follow when experiencing issues or data mismatches in Looker Studio

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Using our Looker Studio Connector makes it easy to access all your Funnel data directly in Looker Studio. If you're experiencing any issues or errors with your data, here are some steps that you should try before anything else:

Refresh data

Sometimes you need to manually hit refresh to force an update. You will find the Refresh data button by first clicking on the three dotted button in the top right corner.

Refresh fields

When your Funnel Workspace is updated with new dimensions, metrics or other settings, you need to refresh the schema to get the latests updates. You can do this by following these steps:

1. Click the Edit button next your Data Source (or you can go to the top menu bar Resource -> Managed added data sources -> Edit).

2. Click the REFRESH FIELDS button at the bottom left corner.

3. Wait for the refresh to complete, if any changes were made there will be a pop up window prompting you to confirm, if so press APPLY.

Reconnect the data source

In some cases the above steps are not enough and you need to reconnect and re-authenticate the data source.

1. Click the Edit button next your Data Source (or you can go to the top menu bar Resource -> Managed added data sources -> Edit).


4. Click the RECONNECT button

Not seeing the data you expected?

We are sorry to hear that you are not seeing the expected data. To make sure you are getting the correct data it might help to compare what you see in Data Explorer to the data on the other platform.

You can find a link in your Data Share's status page in the Funnel app that opens up the Data Explorer with the same dimensions, metrics and filters.

Please double-check that:

  • You are looking at the same set of dimensions and metrics in Funnel as you are on the platform

  • You are looking at the same time frame and time zone on both platforms

  • You are comparing the same data (i.e. you are applying the same filters)

  • You are not applying any filters to the data on the platform

Still having issues? 

If you're getting an error in your report, take a look at the article What does this Data Studio error mean and how can I fix it?

If you are experiencing slow performance, have a look at the article Why is my Data Studio Report so slow?

If you still have issues, please reach out via the support chat or email For us to give you the best possible help we refer you to this article How to report a problem. Going through the steps above helps us resolve the issue faster.

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