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Customer support guidelines and what you, as a customer, can expect from the team.

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Who is the support team?

We're a team of Funnel product experts who are passionate about providing the best support experience possible. Even though the first response may come from a bot, we assure you that we're a very, very human team.

What should I expect from the support team?

We in the support team strive to provide a response to your questions about Funnel as soon as possible. Depending on our availability and the complexity of the inquiry, the resolution times may vary.

Keep in mind that we:

  • Will ask for troubleshooting information and screenshots to help us address your query most effectively (more about it below).

  • Seek to support you via our in-app channel. We do not offer support via live chat or telephone as we often need a level of detail (linked with the above) that these are not best suited to.

  • Are unable to give estimates on resolution times for individual cases as these may be heavily influenced by other internal or third-party platform teams we need to collaborate with and cannot comment on behalf of.

  • Work from Mondays to Fridays during regular working hours. Responses will be delayed during the weekends and holidays.

The support team is mainly oriented toward technical inquiries and troubleshooting. If your question is related to other topics like billing, or basic Funnel training, we may redirect you to the relevant team as they will be better able to assist.

How can I make my request go fast and smooth?

  • Provide screenshots to illustrate the issue. Make sure they're full-screen so that we can see the UI completely, especially date ranges. Avoid sharing isolated values since without context it's very hard for us to troubleshoot.

  • Provide as much detail as you can when submitting a ticket. We prefer long explanations so we have the full context and understand what you have tried already.

  • Avoid continuing a thread with a different topic. Please create a new request for every inquiry you have so we can better help you.

How do I submit a request?

You can find the support button under "Help" on your top bar menu:

Once on the support pop-up, click on "Send us a message". You'll also be prompted to select a category for your request. Rest assured - your issue does fall into one of the available categories. You might also get follow-up guiding questions from our support bot before we jump in.

You can also submit a ticket by sending an email to

Can I give feedback?

Yes! Feel free to directly let us know your feedback and suggestions. As a proactive customer-facing department, we really appreciate it and we wish to provide a better experience every time. If you have a Customer Success Partner, we're also happy to get your feedback through them.

If your feedback is about the product itself, please share a detailed use case to support it. We'll want to know what it is that you're trying to achieve, so go as detailed as possible.

Additional resources

Here's a list of articles that correlate to a significant majority of our clients' requests:

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