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How to get performance max and ad level data from Google Ads
How to get performance max and ad level data from Google Ads

Ensuring pmax campaigns are in your Funnel data without duplication

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Why is it hard to see all my Google Ads data at a granular level?

First, let's consider what the data looks like inside your Google Ads account if you use performance max campaigns.

Pulling up a table of data at the Ad Group or Ad level will show the totals do not include any of the p-max data. This is because p-max data only exists at the campaign level, and Google makes the data reflect that.

Now, consider how you choose options when setting up your Data Source inside of Funnel. You may have noticed that you have the option to choose the level of granularity you want the data to have:

The option you select when connecting the data source has an impact on what data you will pull into Funnel. Similarly to Google Ads, selecting Campaign level reporting will give you all the data at a campaign level. Also similar to Google Ads, selecting any reporting more granular than the campaign level will only give you the data that exists at that level. This means connecting to Ad Group or Ad levels will exclude performance max data from your Funnel data.

How do I get my performance max and Ad Group or Ad level data in Funnel?

To get both performance max data and more granular data in Funnel two data sources will need to be created for the same Google Ads account, one at the more granular level and one at the campaign level.

The connection to the more granular level (either Ad Group or Ad) will pull in all data that exists at this level. This will likely mean all of your data will be included here except for performance max data.

The second connection will be used to pull in only performance max data. When connecting, select campaign as your reporting level and "Only Performance Max Campaigns". This will ensure only p-max campaigns are pulled and no duplication occurs.

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