This is currently in development and is available for customers volunteering for early access!

To use our currently available integration find your credentials by following step 7 here instead:

Adobe Analytic's own help article on the subject can be found here.

Create Certificates

Follow step 2 from the Adobe help article

Create an integration

  1. Go to
  2. Click New integration
  3. Click Access an API
  4. Select Experience Cloud > Adobe Analytics > Service Account 
  5. Give the integration a name and description.
  6. Select and upload the public key certificate you created in the Create Certificates step above.
  7. Select one or multiple product profiles with access to the Adobe Analytics report suites you want Funnel  to integrate with.
  8. Click Continue to integration details to see the credentials that has been created for you.

Add Credentials into Funnel

The private key content will have this format:



  1. Open the private key that was created in the Create Certificates step above in a text editor. Copy the entire content of the file including the BEGIN PRIVATE KEY and END PRIVATE KEY tags.
  2. Click the +Data source button in Funnel and select Adobe Analytics
  3. Paste the content of the private key into the Private Key field.
  4. Also add the API Key (Client ID) and the Client Secret from the Overview tab of your newly created integration.
  5. In the next step add the Technical account ID and the Organization ID
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