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Why can't I see all of my Google Ads conversions?
Why can't I see all of my Google Ads conversions?

Explains the difference between the Google Ads (formerly Adwords) metrics Conversions and All Conversions

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Conversion mismatch due to conversion window and data freshness

Conversion data in the Funnel UI will lag behind the Google Ads UI for the entire duration of your conversion window. For example, with a 30 day window you will have 30 days whose values may continue to change on each import of new data that Funnel runs. These data imports are run according to a schedule, meaning values in the Funnel UI will be out of sync with the real-time data in the Google Ads UI between imports until the full conversion window has completed.

The data will match in the two platforms at the exact moment when Funnel is done with a scheduled import, after which the Google Ads UI will continue to update its numbers causing a mismatch until the next import to Funnel. This will repeat until the data is outside the conversion window.

To be sure that you have a real mismatch you should compare data between Funnel and the Google Ads UI for dates outside of your conversion window, to be sure that the data has settled.

Conversions vs All Conversions

There are two types of generic Google Ads conversion metrics in Funnel - Conversions and All Conversions (explicitly called All Conv. in Funnel). 

Conversions reflects the number of conversions for all conversion actions that you have opted into optimization in Google Ads. The conversion actions that are currently opted into optimization are displayed in the Google Ads UI in the Conversions view. 

All Conversions is a best estimate of the total number of conversions that Google Ads drives. This metric includes website, cross-device, and phone call conversions as well as for example offline conversions that you have imported to Google Ads.

If you experience a mismatch in the number of conversions between Google Ads and Funnel, make sure you are comparing the same metrics. If there are still differences in the data please reach out to Funnel support. 

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