Data from sources under the Prisjakt family is limited. For all connected sources you will be able to see clicks per date. For most platforms we are able to offer cost per day.


Date (all)


Clicks (all)
Click Spend (Prisjakt, Pricespy)
Other Spend (Prisjakt, Pricespy)
Total Spend (Prisjakt, Pricespy)

How is my cost calculated?

Cost is based on invoices total for a given month distributed over days proportionately to clicks per day. Invoices are assumed to belong to the month 15 days prior to their date of issue. Until an invoice is published, cost for a given month is based on estimates here: /analytics/store/?store_id=[your_store_id]


My platform does not issue invoices, what do I do?

If you know your CPC ("cost per click") you can get your cost per day based on that number multiplied by number of daily clicks. See this article for details about setting up custom metrics


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