When connecting a new Klaviyo data source you have the option to choose between the following breakdowns:

  • Campaign Name
  • UTM Campaign
  • Flow
  • Attributed Message
  • No Breakdown

For all breakdowns the report will be aggregated by the specified breakdown and date. If you select No breakdown, your data will only be visible by date. For all breakdowns other than No breakdown you will get the breakdown as a dimension. And for the breakdown Campaign Name the dimensions below are included.

  • Campaign Name
  • Send Time (Campaign Emails only)
  • Subject (Campaign Emails only)

After you have selected the breakdown you will get to choose metrics depending on the breakdown.

Selectable Campaign Name metrics:

[Metric] Bounced Email
[Metric] Clicked Email
[Metric] Dropped Email
[Metric] Marked Email as Spam
[Metric] Received Email
[Metric] Unsubscribed
[Metric] Opened Email

Selectable metrics for other breakdowns:

[Metric] Checkout Started
[Metric] Filled Out Lead Ad
[Metric] Ordered Product
[Metric] Placed Order
[Metric] Subscribed to List
[Metric] Unsubscribed from List
[Metric] Viewed Product

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