New Adobe Analytics data sources in Funnel utilises JWT service accounts, this means personal or technical account is not needed. The service account is connected to the Adobe account and has access to permissions shared in a product profile (step 1), only segments/dimensions/metrics shared with the entire organisation will be viewable in Funnel.

1. Create profile with correct permissions

  • Go to the Admin console

  • Select the correct organisation in the top right

  • Select the Products tab and click New Profile

  • Toggle Auto-include: On for Report suites, Metrics and Dimensions

  • From Report Suite Tools add these permissions:
    • Report Suite Mgmt

  • From Analytics Tools add these permissions:
    • Web Services
    • Web Service Access

2. Create a Project with access to Adobe Analytics

  1. Create a project in the developer console in the same organisation as the previous instructions. This help article describes the steps.

  2. Add Adobe Analytics as an API to a new project
    • Select service account (JWT) integration and select Generate a key pair. This help article describes the steps
    • Select the product profile created above

3. Retrieve credentials

Got to Service Account (JWT) under the Credentials group and copy all the credentials together with the Private key that is downloaded automatically as

Necessary credentials needed for us to authenticate:

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

  • Technical Account ID

  • Organization ID

  • Private Key (from the private.key file in the folder)

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