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How do I invite a user to a Funnel account?
How do I invite a user to a Funnel account?

Learn how to invite users to a Funnel account you have access to.

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Who can invite users?

If your user has the role of editor or owner, you can invite new users to Funnel. This article covers how to invite a user to one account. To learn more about roles and permissions, including how to invite users to multiple accounts at once, see the article User roles and permissions.

Inviting a user to a Funnel account

Go to "Users" in the Funnel account you want to add people to and hit "+ Invite a new user". If the user (defined by its email) does not already exist in Funnel, it will be created and will belong to the same subscription as your user. If it already exists, they will just be added to the Funnel account you're inviting them to.

After inviting a new person to your Funnel account they will get an email with a link to follow in order to accept your invite.

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