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User roles and permissions

Using roles to manage user permissions

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Users (logins) and workspaces (collections of data sources, business logic and destination configurations) belong to subscriptions in Funnel. A user can have access to one or multiple workspaces. What features a user can use depends on their subscription and workspace roles.

Subscription roles

There are two subscription roles: Member and Owner.


This is the default subscription role. As a Member, you can

  • See and access workspaces you are invited to

Your workspace role determines what you can do in each workspace.


A subscription can have multiple Owners. As an Owner, you can

  • Edit billing information

  • See invoice history

  • Access all workspaces within the subscription

  • Create/remove workspaces within the subscription

  • See all users within the subscription

  • Remove users from the subscription

  • Add/remove users to any workspace within the subscription

Workspace roles

Workspace roles are available on the Business and Enterprise plans.

In the Starter plan, all users in a workspace already have full access within it.

Workspace roles are specific to each workspace. Meaning that a user may have a different set of roles in each workspace that they are part of.

Business plan

There are two roles that determine what a user can do within a workspace: Editor and Viewer.


This is the default workspace role. As an Editor you can:

  • Edit workspace details

  • Invite and remove users

  • Change role for other users

  • Create and modify everything in the workspace, including data sources, custom fields, exports etc


Viewers can access and see all parts of a workspace, but they do not have permission to create, edit, or delete anything. As a Viewer you can export data to Google Sheets or CSV on demand, but not set up scheduled exports.

Enterprise plan

The Enterprise plan provides more fine-grained control over user workspace permissions, with several specialized workspace roles available. Each role gives permission to access certain areas of Funnel. They may be combined in order to suit your needs. Some roles may overlap or entirely include the permissions granted by other roles (e.g. Workspace Administrator).

Workspace Viewer
This role is automatically assigned to all users upon joining a workspace. Every user of a workspace has read-only access to its contents.

Workspace Administrator

Create, edit and remove all parts in the workspace. Assign roles to users within it.

Data Source Editor

Create, edit and remove Data Sources.

Dimensions & Metrics Editor

Create, edit and remove Dimensions, Metrics, Currencies and Datasets.

Funnel Dashboards Editor

Create, edit and remove Funnel Dashboards.

Data Share Editor

Create, edit and remove Data Shares (e.g. to Google Looker Studio or BigQuery).

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