Funnel's Instagram connector offers three report types: Account Insights, Media Insights, and Audience Lifetime. 

Account Insights

Select this report type if you want Account level data reported by day. 
This report type will download data for the last 30 days.


  • Date (Day of metric event)

  • Account name 


  • Followers

  • Impressions

  • Email clicks

  • Get directions clicks

  • Phone call clicks

  • Profile views

  • Text message clicks

  • Website clicks

  • Reach (1-day, 7-day, 28-day)

Media Insights

Select this report type if you want data per media post. All metrics reflect accumulated lifetime value, attributed to the date the post was first published.


  • Date (Media creation date)

  • Timestamp

  • Media ID

  • Media type

  • Account name

  • Username (The user that posted the media)

  • Permalink (Link to the post)

  • Media URL (Link to the raw media)

  • Media Product Type

  • Caption


  • Likes

  • Comments

  • Impressions

  • Engagement

  • Reach

  • Saved

  • Video views

  • Carousel album engagement

  • Carousel album impressions

  • Carousel album reach

  • Carousel album saved

Audience Lifetime

Select this report if you want account level data regarding your Audience over the account's lifetime. This data in this report is non-aggregatable.


  • Date

  • Time of Measurement

  • Audience Country

  • Audience City

  • Audience Gender and Age

  • Audience Locale


  • Followers 

  • Followers by Audience Country

  • Followers by Audience City

  • Followers by Audience Gender and Age

  • Followers by Audience Locale

  • Follows

  • Media Count


IGTV, Reels and Instagram Stories are not available.

The Instagram Insights API generally use sample data. This is their way to find a compromise solution between accuracy and performance. This means that they allow a small percentage of error in the data they return.

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