This feature is not included in all subscriptions. Contact us if you are interested.

Included Accounts reference other accounts' data sources and make them available in the account that includes them. The account that does the including is independent and has its own transformation, exports and user configuration.

Included Accounts Overview showing four included accounts

This can, for example, be used to create rollup accounts for a brand and/or region if you have accounts per country. It can also be used to manage Data Sources separately from other features in Funnel accounts.

Data Explorer showing a table with data from a roll-up account using Included Accounts

Data sources are referenced, not copied

Data sources from included accounts are only referenced by the including account; they are still managed within the accounts where they are connected.

Data Sources view showing that roll-up account has no own sources

When you add or remove data sources to an account they will be available/disappear automatically from any account that is including it. Funnel's data processing limits apply to accounts that include other accounts.


Any user given access to an account that includes other accounts gets access to the data available in the account. The user does not get access to all underlying accounts.

How to create a new account that includes others

Below are the steps needed to create a new "rollup-account".

  1. Create a new account in the subscription

  2. Go to 'new account'

  3. In the new account use 'Include Account' to include existing accounts in that account

  4. In the new account go to Data Explorer and checkout 'Funnel Account Name' and 'Data Source type name' dimensions

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