If you have any issues with our Google Search connector, please refer to this article.

Our Google Search Console connector features the below dimensions and metrics. The dimensions are optional, which means that you can decide for yourself which dimensions you want.


  • Country

  • Device

  • Page

  • Query

  • Search Appearance

  • Site URL


  • Clicks

  • Impressions

  • Position

  • Total position

Query filter

Query filters are optional and will filter out data!

Query filters allow you to filter on certain expressions, for example that country equals FRA or that device is not equal to desktop.

When selecting a query filter that is not filtered on device you can write your desired filter for yourself in the Query expression form. Please be aware that we are not checking if this is a valid expression, so make sure it's filled in correctly.

When writing your own expression, please keep this in mind:

  • "contains": The row value must either contain or equal your expression (non-case-sensitive).

  • "equals": [Default] Your expression must exactly equal the row value (case-sensitive for page and query dimensions).

  • "Does not contain": The row value must not contain your expression either as a substring or a (non-case-sensitive) complete match.

  • "Does not exactly match": Your expression must not exactly equal the row value (case-sensitive for page and query dimensions).

If you filter device on you'll get three different choices: Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.

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