Single sign-on

Integrate your company’s SSO solution, allowing each team member to sign in without entering username and password

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Google authentication

The ability to sign in using Google is available to all subscriptions, just click the “Sign in with Google” button instead of entering your Funnel password.


Funnel supports Single-sign on using SAML 2.0 (Identity Provider (IdP) Initiated).

This means that the sign in has to be initiated from the Identity Provider's own portal i.e. the user's own identity environment. We currently do not support Service Provider (SP) Initiated sign in. Please contact support if you'd like to know more.

More information on specific identity providers is found below:


If you are an Okta customer, Funnel provides an application on the Okta Integration Network. Follow these instructions on how to set it up.


For detailed instructions on configuring single sign-on with Azure SAML see this article.

Other Identity Providers

Navigate to the subscription overview and click on the Single sign-on tab:

Copy and use the following fields to connect any other IdP to Funnel using SAML:

Setting up your Funnel subscription

In order to prepare your subscription, you will need to provide the Service Provider (SP) details to Funnel.

Navigate to the subscription overview and click on the Single sign-on tab:

Provide the following details:

  • Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL

  • Identity Provider Issuer

  • X.509 Certificate

Login methods

As a security feature you can select which login methods should be active for your subscription. For instance, you can use this to disable all password logins and force all users to use your own SSO provider with Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

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