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Setting up Okta SSO

How to configure the Okta Funnel app

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If you are a customer of Okta, you can use the Funnel Okta app from the Okta Integration Network for easily setting up SAML SSO. After adding the app to your Okta account, following these instructions to complete the setup.


In order to use Okta with Funnel, you need to make sure that "Single Sign-On" is included in your Funnel price plan. Please contact if you have any questions.

Supported features

  • IdP-initiated SSO

For more information on the listed features, visit the Okta Glossary.

Configuration steps

  1. Sign in to Funnel as a subscription owner

  2. Navigate to "Your user" -> "Subscription overview" and select the "Single Sign-On" section.

  3. Copy the contents of the "Relay State" field by clicking on the button to the right

  4. Log in to your Okta admin portal and navigate to Applications.

  5. Select the app and then the "Sign On" tab

  6. Update the "Default Relay State" by pasting the text you just copied from the Funnel app. It should have the following format:

    {"subscriptionId": "YOUR_SUBSCRIPTION_ID"}

  7. Click "Save" at the bottom and then "More details"

  8. Copy each of the following fields and paste them into their respective field in the Funnel "Single Sign-On" configuration section:

    1. "Sign on URL"

    2. "Issuer"

    3. "Signing Certificate"

  9. Click "Apply" in Funnel to finish the setup


The following SAML attributes are supported:




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