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What data can I get from Simplifi?
What data can I get from Simplifi?

Available dimensions and metrics

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Report types

There are 8 report types:

  • Account Conversion by Ad

  • Location Performance by Ad

  • Device Type by Ad

  • Domain Conversions By Ad

  • Geo Fencing by Ad by Target and Conversion Fence

  • Keyword Performance by Ad

  • Video Interaction by Ad

Available in all


  • Ad ID

  • Ad Name

  • Campaign ID

  • Campaign Name

  • Organization ID

  • Organization Name


  • Clicks

  • Cost

  • Impressions

Account Conversion by Ad


  • Clickthrough Leads

  • Clickthrough Other

  • Clickthrough Sales

  • Clickthrough Signups

  • Viewthrough Leads

  • Viewthrough Other

  • Viewthrough Sales

  • Viewthrough Signups

  • Weighted Actions

Location Performance by Ad


  • City Name

  • Country Name

  • DMA Name

  • Region Name

Device Type by Ad


  • Device Name

Domain Conversions by Ad


  • Domain Name

Geo Fencing by Ad by Target and Conversion Fence


  • Conversion Geo Gence ID

  • Conversion Geo Fence Name

  • Target Geo Fence ID

  • Target Geo Fence Name

Keyword Performance by Ad


  • Keyword Reporting Name

Video Interaction by Ad


  • Video Starts

  • Video First Quartiles

  • Video Midpoints

  • Video Third Quartiles

  • Video Completes

  • Video Fullscreens

  • Video Mutes

  • Video Unmutes

  • Video Pauses

  • Video Resumes

  • Interstitials

  • In Banner

  • In Stream Pre Roll

  • In Stream Mid Roll

  • In Stream Post Roll

  • Unknown Type


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