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What data can I get from Ahrefs?
What data can I get from Ahrefs?
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Our Ahrefs connector features four different reports:

  • Referring domains: Information about unique websites pointing to the target, that you choose. Use this to e.g.:

    • See the websites that link to your competitors.

    • Find your competitors' serial linkers.

    • See all the backlinks you have from a specific website.

  • Backlinks: Information about links from other websites pointing to the target you choose. Use this to e.g.:

    • See all your competitors backlinks.

    • Search competitors' link profiles for specific link opportunities.

    • Track down potentially harmful backlinks.

  • Metrics: Stats, as number of backlinks, referring pages etc, for the target you choose

  • Positions metrics: Number of keywords, traffic and cost for the target URL.

(Note: At the moment Ahrefs API does not offer any possibilities to fetch keyword information)

You choose report the first time you connect your source. In addition you specify target, mode and, depending on which report you choose, limit must be specified.

Target: The domain/urls to fetch information about.

Mode: Specifies the scope of your target. You can choose between the following modes:

  • Exact URL: Fetches data concerning the specified URL -

  • Path: Fetches data concerning the path given including its subfolders -*

  • Domain: Fetches data concerning the specified domain -*

  • Subdomain: Fetches data concerning the domain including subdomains - **

Limit: The limit for the number of rows that each time will be fetched from Ahrefs.

Depending on your Ahrefs price plan, you have X amount of Integration rows/credits to spend.

All reports we receive from Ahrefs, are dateless and therefore have no timeline.

Referring Domains


  • Target

  • Domain

  • First seen

  • Last check

  • DR


  • Links to target

  • Links to target (dofollow)

  • Referring pages

  • Referring domains

  • Organic traffic

  • Linked domains (dofollow)



  • Target

  • Referring page

  • AR

  • DR

  • AR target

  • IP

  • Title

  • Language

  • Backlink points to

  • First seen

  • Last check

  • Alt text

  • Anchor

  • Pre anchor text

  • Post anchor text

  • HTTP code

  • Link type

  • Nofollow

  • UGC

  • Sponsored


  • Internal links

  • External links

  • Page size

  • Redirect

Metrics (the report)


  • Target


  • Backlinks

  • Referring pages

  • Pages

  • Valid pages

  • Text backlink count

  • Image backlink count

  • Nofollow count

  • UGC count

  • Sponsored count

  • Dofollow count

  • Redirect count

  • Canonical count

  • .gov count

  • .edu count

  • RSS count

  • Alt count

  • HTML pages

  • Internal links

  • External links

Positions metrics


  • Target


  • Positions

  • Positions (top 3)

  • Positions (top 10)

  • Traffic

  • Traffic (top 3)

  • Traffic (top 10)

  • Cost

  • Cost (top 3)

  • Cost (top 10)

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