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What data can I get from Mixpanel?
What data can I get from Mixpanel?

Mixpanel dimensions and metrics in Funnel

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Funnel imports data from Mixpanel's Data Export API, each row contains an event with its properties and the number of times that event fired that day.
Please note that all fields selected when connecting a Mixpanel data source will be treated as dimensions.


We support the properties Mixpanel sends by default with all custom events as well as properties belonging to Mixpanel messages. These default properties are listed below.

  • App version

  • Bluetooth enabled

  • Bluetooth version

  • Browser

  • Browser version

  • Campaign ID

  • Carrier

  • City

  • Country

  • Current URL

  • Delivery ID

  • Device

  • Device ID

  • Distinct ID

  • Event

  • Google Play services

  • Initial referrer

  • Initial referring domain

  • Keyword

  • Manufacturer

  • Message ID

  • Message name

  • Message type

  • Model

  • Operating system

  • Operating system version

  • Radio

  • Region

  • Screen DPI

  • Screen height

  • Screen width

  • Search engine

  • UTM campaign

  • UTM content

  • UTM medium

  • UTM source

  • UTM term

  • User ID

  • Wifi

We also allow selecting custom properties that has been active within the last 30 days, these are listed in the wizard when creating a Mixpanel data source in Funnel.


Event count is the main metric, it's used to create the metrics below and can be used to create many other types of derived metrics in Funnel.

  • Event count

Pre-made derived metrics

  • Emails sent

  • Inbound app links

  • Messages bounced

  • Messages marked spam

  • Messages opened

  • Messages sent

  • Messages suppressed

  • Messages unsubscribed

  • Outbound app links

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