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A guided tour through Funnel

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Would you like to go on a guided tour through Funnel?

Here are 3 more important things to know:

👉 Connect your marketing data to Funnel

Connect your Data Sources and we’ll fetch your data grouped by Dimensions and Metrics. Dimensions are used to label and group your data, like ‘Campaign’ and ‘Keyword’, and Metrics are the numbers you measure like ‘Cost’ and ‘Sessions’.
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👉 Organize your data and create custom fields

We’ve created a couple of custom Dimensions and Metrics for you, like ‘Traffic Source’ and ‘ROAS’ (Return on Ad Spend). You can also create your own to clean and map data between Data Sources. To view all of your fields and analyze the data, simply head to the Data Explorer.

👉 Share the data to your desired destination

You can find your destinations under the Share section in the left menu. It’s easy to share your data to reporting tools, like Looker Studio, data warehouses, like Big Query, and business intelligence solutions, like Tableau.

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