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How to connect to WooCommerce
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In order to connect a WooCommerce source the user needs to enter a Consumer Key and a Consumer Secret. See this guide on how to find these credentials.

You also need to provide the shop host URL. If your URL is: then you should enter .


Configure firewall

Make sure that your firewall, if you have one configured, allows requests from Funnel. Requests will be sent from IP addresses,, or

Shop host

If you have trouble connecting the source, make sure that you have spelled the shop host URL correctly.

API access

If you receive the Access denied error in the image below when attempting to connect a source, then either your credentials are invalid or there is something wrong with your shop API configuration.

Funnel will attempt to fetch data from this orders endpoint:


Make sure that the orders endpoint is accessible.

You can test your shop API settings by navigating to this URL in your browser:


If that does not provide an API index then something is probably configured wrong in the shop settings.

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