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How to use views in Data Explorer
How to use views in Data Explorer

You can save your selections in Data Explorer as a view. Allow your team members to get back to it at any time.

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Say you have a view in Data Explorer that you visit on a few times a week. It’s great that you can find the information you want, but it can feel cumbersome to remember which fields and filters to use and hard to share this with other users. To make this easier you can save what you are viewing and name it for future reference.

Creating views

You create and save views in two ways:

  1. After running a Data Explorer query, click on the views button and then Save as new…

  2. From scratch by clicking on views in Data Explorer and then Create view and follow the steps to select the fields, filters, currency and finally set a name for your view

What’s being saved

When you save a view, the query selections are saved and can be re-used in Data Explorer and shared to other destinations.

  • Fields

  • Filters

  • Currency

In addition all Data Explorer visualisation settings are saved, including:

  • Chart settings

  • Table settings (like sorting)

Editing a view

To edit the data or visualization in a view, first open it from the Data Explorer. Perform your changes in the Data Explorer, run the query, and once you’re done, you can update the existing view. Alternatively, you can save the new result as a new view.

To edit the name of the view, select the view and go to More Details. In the Details section of the page, you can press Edit and edit the name.

Using views

To return to a previously saved view, go to the Data Explorer and select it from the views drop down.

You can always list all views by clicking on Manage views in the view drop down in Data Explorer alternatively you can check the details of a specific view by selecting a view and clicking on Show details.

Sharing views

When you save a view in the Data Explorer, it becomes automatically available for everyone in the Funnel Workspace.

Removing a view

To remove a view, first select it in the Data Explorer, go to More Details and select “Remove view”.

Alternatively, open views in the Data explorer and go to “Manage views”. You can see an overview of all of the views in the Funnel Workspace. You can remove a view with the Trash icon.

Exporting a view

You can export a view to a new destination by visiting the view details page and click on the desired destination.

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